Pamandan Ranch is a family owned 1600 acre game ranch 18 miles north of Brackettville, Texas, right in the middle of fantastic deer and exotic hunting country. The ranch is minimally hunted, and the number of bucks taken each year is in a game-managed manner.

Species hunted on the ranch include, but are not limited to Black Buck antelope, Fallow deer , Sika deer, Axis deer, Aoudad, Texas Dall sheep , Corsican sheep, Scimitar Oryx, along with trophy white tail deer. Turkey are also abundant at Pamandan. The ranch has both high and low fenced areas to provide hunters with a myriad of hunting experiences and wild game to choose from.

Family and group hunting is encouraged. Many a young hunter has scored their first deer while hunting with their parent. We offer youth hunts at a discount because we believe in passing down the hunting tradition to the younger generation.  We also donate Hunt of a Lifetime and Injured Warrior hunts.  Please contact us for more information.

We encourage you to book a hunt for two, three or more days so you can enjoy the full experience of the ranch including the comfortable lodge and the expansive varied terrain. Most hunts are guided so that the best animals can be selected. Spending a few days at the ranch also encourages the hunter to harvest their animals in a sporting and professional manner. The lodge sleeps up to eight people. Amenities include two full baths with showers, kitchen, dining room, washing machine and dryer, fireplace, and a large porch.


Phone: 210-265-9054
Fax: 210-696-9012
Ranch Address: Pamandan Ranch
Cedar Creek Road
Brackettville, TX 78832